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Hey there!

Welcome to our adventure travel blog, The Two Travelled. We’re two intrepid buddies with insatiable wanderlust. We met in London while working as travel and lifestyle editors and soon bonded over our love of adventure. Since then, we’ve summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, chilled in Zanzibar, scaled glaciers in New Zealand and skydived from 15,000ft together — and we’re not stopping there!

What’s The Two Travelled all about?

We want to help you plan your next adventure — no matter how much time you have, whether it’s a last minute weekend away or an epic backpacking journey.

We love getting off the beaten track, collecting amazing memories of people and places, finding quirky travel stories and sharing them with you on this blog. We understand that most people have full-time jobs, and the luxury of taking months off to go exploring isn’t always a viable option. But we think epic travel can be squeezed into any busy lifestyle and budget. It’s all about the planning…

We hope this blog inspires you to book that ticket, get out there and start exploring the world too!

Recent adventures:

Hokitika Gorge New Zealand The Two Travelled Travel Blog
Nikki and Sarah and the swing bridge at Hokitika Gorge, New Zealand


Hiking the Ijen Crater in Java, Indonesia
Nikki at the summit of the Ijen Crater in Java, Indonesia


Hiking in the Blu Mountains Australia
Sarah hiking in the Blue Mountains, Australia


Nikki Canning The Two Travelled blog
Nikki chillin’ on the Fox Glacier in New Zealand


Venice Beach, LA - The Two Travelled Travel Blog
Sarah in Venice Beach, LA

Packing list Kilimanjaro

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