SOS Suncream: Holiday essentials

Suncream review - Soltan, No.7 Nivea

Save. Our. Skin. It’s time to bring out the big guns of sun protection.

I’m half Italian-half Irish, and while the love for carbs and being a sun worshiper fall under the Italian side of me, my skin is most definitely Irish.

It’s fair and delicate, scars easily and will burn without sun cream. But I haven’t always been like that – when I was younger I would turn a lovely honey colour after the summer at the beach in Italy even though I would spend most of my time sitting under a sun umbrella in the shade. Now, all I need to do is think about going bare legged sans protection and I’m a lovely shade of lobster after 15 minutes.

The holiday countdown has officially begun  and we’re flying to Greece for two weeks very, very soon. More on our hols to come, but first – the sun essentials!

Here’s  my sun cream stash!

Soltan Protect and Tan SPF 30 (two bottles)

I’ve got this on good recommendation that it’s the bomb for tanning. It has an ingredient that ‘helps stimulate your body’s natural tanning process’ – if you can made head or tails of the ingredient list, it’s availablehere. However, I’d imagine it some kind of beta-carotene extract (found in red and orange fruit and veg)that can help protect your skin from UV light. It also helps increase your melanin levels in your skin – the pigment that gives you a tan.  Whether it does boost your tan or not, you’ve still got SPF30 and five star UVA protection and I’m happy with that.

Soltan Protect and Tan SPF15 (two bottles)

I know, excessive much? I also picked up SPF15 for the late evenings when the sun isn’t so strong, or when my skin has gotten a bit of colour towards the end of the holiday.

Nivea Protect and Bronze SPF20

This is my inbetweeny-not-sure-I-need-SPF30-bottle. Again for late evenings or my arms that are less likely to burn. Again, it says it ‘supports the skin’s natural melanin levels’ to build your tan without any self-tan ingredients. Worth baring in mind that Nivea only has four star UVA protect, so I won’t be putting this on my face or neck.

No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF30

I really think No.7 is underrated when it comes to some of their skincare products. I love their micellar water offering and Sarah is a huge fan of their BB cream so I snapped this up as soon as the sun came out. Apart from having SPF30 and five star UVA protection (applauds Boots!) it also pulls a lot of ingredients from their Protect and Perfect Intense Serum for lines and wrinkles. It also has a super jazzy ingredient called Matrixyl 3000 Plus which they say helps prevent dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. I’ve given it a whirl and it’s ace under makeup as well so if you’re looking for an everyday SPF I’d pick this one. I also nabbed it with one of Boot’s ‘£5 off No.7 Skincare’ voucher so I think it came to about £9.

So yes, five bottles of sun cream for two weeks and I have a feeling I’ll be buying some more when I’m over there!

Only thing I’m missing is a good lip SPF so if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment or tweet me @nikkicanning

Happy holidays folks!


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