Brunch in SW London: Eco Clapham

Breakfast Eco Clapham High Street Review

So you get the picture by now, we like to brunch.

Lazy weekend breakfasts, sipping coffees and tucking in fancy eggs on toast is the best way to start the day.

I recently visited Eco on Clapham High Street with my housemate Chloe and Louise, our friend from home who was visiting us for the weekend. An afternoon scouring the sales on Oxford Street was on the cards for the day and we needed a breakfast with sustenance.

Eco is probably best known for its pizzas, but their weekend brunch menu really does pull out all the stops. Their breakfast frittatas are served up in the frying pan the eggs were cooked in with spinach, parmesan and roasted vine cherry tomatoes with a side of freshly baked sourdough.

Eggs Royale were also a top choice that morning (yes, I know, I rarely shy from the favourites!) but I’m giving them a solid thumbs up.

With all brunch spots on Clapham high street, outdoor seating is at a premium, but if you can nab  table under the canopy you’ll happily spend a few hours nattering and people watching. Inside, the décor is rustic with exposed red-brick peeping out from behind raw plaster, tables are long picnic style benches with the occasional table for 2 or 4 with retro chairs or whitewashed stools. The kitchen is also exposed so you can get all the delicious smells as soon as you walk in, and you’ll spend a good ten minutes just looking at the food being lined up to serve other diners to help you make your decision on what to order.

Expect to spend about £12-15 on breakfast and coffee – definitely on the pricier end of the brunch scale, but high up on the delicious scale too.

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