The London Scoop: Icing Lates at Biscuiteers

Icing Lates at Biscuiteers

I’ve often wanted to learn how to use a piping bag properly when decorating my cakes and biscuits. More often than not, my attempts at icing look more than a little amateur, so when I heard about Icing Lates at Biscuiteers Biscuit Boutique and Icing Cafe, I knew I had to pay a visit.

The Clapham Junction branch of Biscuiteers has just opened and it is a treasure-trove of delights for the sweet-toothed. Alongside a little cafe and shop where you can buy their pre-made biscuits in all shapes, sizes, colours and characters, they run Icing Lates to teach budding bakers to ice like a pro. The evening took around an hour and a half and started with a glass of bubbly, before we sat down in front of some pre-made chocolate biscuits in various shapes and an array of different icings. First off, we needed to master the piping bag and our helpful hosts explained the technique, encouraging us to practice drawing a line on a piece of baking paper before we tackled the biscuits.


After a few goes, we got the gist…

The key is to create a strong outline on the biscuit with royal icing, before filling in the centre of the biscuits with thicker, more runny icing. It’s at this point that you can go all out on the design, using sticks to blend different colours or using the stronger icing to decorate the biscuits with more precise designs. The biscuits then get baked for 15 minutes to set the icing.

And voila! (I maybe need a little more practice…)

Biscuiteers Classes are held from 7pm – 8.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month in Notting Hill and Wednesdays in Northcote Road. Tickets are £42 per person.

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