The London Scoop: Yoga on Tower Bridge’s Glass Floor

Yoga on Tower Bridge

My usual morning routine consists of rolling out of bed after one to many snooze alarms and gulping down some breakfast, before tackling the Tube (the horrendous Northern Line no less). However, I have discovered one of the best morning rituals London has to offer this week – yoga classes on Tower Bridge’s brand new Glass Floor experience.

This is something that’s worth getting up earlier for: an exhilarating and revitalising Vinyasa yoga class that gets you limbered up – mentally and physically – for the day ahead, with the added bonus of taking in one of London’s best river views.

The classes take place on Tower Bridge Exhibition’s £1 million glass floor (don’t worry: the glass can withstand the weight of an elephant, apparently) and yogis can either practice yoga on a mat, or wear gripped gloves and socks to up the adrenaline.

It really is quite surreal to watch London’s pedestrian life pass by below you every time you do a Downward Dog. The stunning views really added to the experience of morning yoga and I left with a boost of energy, ready to take on the day. If you book on the right date, you may even be able to see the Bridge’s famous bascules raising for a river vessel. Now that I would love to see!

The one-off programme of classes are taking place on selected dates in February and March; £15 per person, starting at 7.30am.

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