7 of the best places to eat in Siargao

best Siargao restaurants

You’ve just arrived on this beautiful island in the Philippines, and (rightly so,) you’re looking for the best Siargao restaurants to get over that jetlag — we have you covered! 

In Siargao, you get surf, great weather, super-friendly locals and of course, the delicious Siargao restaurant and cafe scene. And man, were we happy with the food! Possibly the best food in all of our 3-week trip around the Philippines.

People have said Siagao is like ‘Bali 20 years ago’ and I can totally see the similarities. It’s such a hidden gem and I can only tell you to visit as soon as you can because it’s only going to get more and more popular. And when you’re there, you need to check out these places to eat in Siargao – we feasted every day!

There were so many places to choose from between General Luna and Cloud 9, I decided to make a list of our favourites!

So here you have it – the best restaurants in Siargao coming at you:

#1 Best Siargao Restaurants: Miguel’s Taqueria

These fish tacos were so good (and so cheap!) we went back for seconds.

There’s usually a queue outside the little food stand but order a beer while you’re waiting and pull up a little plastic seat and enjoy the world go by.

It’s in General Luna town so a great pit stop if you’ve just come back from an island tour around Siargao or wanted to take a walk down the pier.

#2 Best Siargao Restaurants: Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant Siargao

My advice if you’re going to Kermit for dinner is arrive early, but not starving because you may have to wait a while to get your table.

It’s just THAT popular! While I usually try to stay away from ‘Western food’ when I’m travelling (mainly cos I just love street food and trying new things!) I was willing to break that rule for Kermits.

And man was I happy – the pizzas are huge and the seafood linguine would make my Nonna proud!

Kermit’s also a cute place to hang out during the afternoon for their happy hour (the mango daiquiris are amazing!) and then you might be there in time to nab a table without waiting!

#3 Best Siargao Restaurants: Shaka Cafe

Best Siargao Restaurants: Shaka Cafe

We went to Shaka Cafe in Cloud 9 three days in a row, and we were so happy we did.

Honestly the most delicious acai and smoothie bowls I’ve ever had. The staff are so lovely, and we happily chilled outside with an iced coffee watching all the surfers whizz by on moped on their way to the beach.

There’s also a Shaka Cafe in El Nido so if you’re in the area, definitely check them out!

#4 Best Siargao Restaurants: Wheely’s Cafe

One for the vegans, and everyone else on the island!

We popped in for a vegan Vietnamese iced coffee and a slice of cake and it was amazing. There’s a little rooftop as well with beanbags and great window seats, so worth hanging out in if you’ve had too much sun.

#5 Best Siargao Restaurants: Coco Surf Cafe

Our go-to for our morning lattes!

Cakes were also amazing, and we bought the T-shirt – what can we say, we’re real fangirls! They also have a great chilled out vibe with beanbags inside the air-conditioned cafe and movies playing on loop.

#6 Best Siargao Restaurants: La Carinderia

We had our first dinner in Siargao in La Carinderia and oh my gosh, we wished we could have fit in more!

We had the traditional tuna sisig and it did not disappoint! Also on the menu was seafood gnocchi and arancini so it felt like a wonderful mix of SE Asia and the Mediterranean!

#7 Best Siargao Restaurants: Barrel Bar

I will hold my hands up and say we visited Barrel at about 3am after one of Siargao’s famous jungle parties, but it was still the best 3am Veggie burrito I could have asked for!

A friend of ours brought us, but looking back Barrel was always full when we walked passed to worth popping in to see what else was on the menu!

There were a few other restaurants in Siargao that we saw, heard about or just had cocktails in that might be worth checking out if you’re there.

  • Bravo – chilled out beach-front restaurant with regular acoustic nights
  • Mamma’s Grill – for the meat eaters, this place was heaving every night.
  • Bake – Adorable little cafe filled with yummy treats

Have you been to Siargao? Is there a delicious Siargao restaurant we missed? Let me know in the comments below because I’m pretty sure I’ll be returning soon!

PS. If you’re planning your trip to the islands, we have a complete 3 Week Philippines Itinerary to help you start planning! 

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