Snapshots of Amsterdam: Interrailing 2013

Canals in Amsterdam
Canal shot one of several hundred…

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both @nikkicanning) you’ll know that I recently packed up a teenie tiny backpack and took a little jaunt across Europe with my housemates.

It took ninja packing techniques, organisation skills of The Almighty and oh so many caffeine hits, but it was an incredible trip.

Over the next week or so, I’ll post up some photos from the trip country-by-country – we visited five in total – along with my must-sees and must-dos.

So, to start off – Amsterdam!

We decided to save our pennies and take a Megabus to Amsterdam overnight. And after a hideously long wait in the unusually Baltic temperatures in Victoria Bus Station we set off. Surprisingly, we nodded off on the way to Dover and got on a ferry crossing to Calais relatively quickly. The worst part was having to nap on the vomit-scented carpet of the ferry and block out the sounds of excitable, screaming children on their way to Disneyland, but once back on the bus, I managed to get a few hours sleep before arriving in Amsterdam.

We spent two fantastic days in Amsterdam (even through the bitterly cold weather) before we set off to our next destination. Here’s some of the highlights:

The Accommodation:

We stayed in Hostelle, a female only hostel based near the Amsterdam Arena, about a 15 minute tram ride from Centraal Station. When we were looking to book, the majority of hostels only took groups for two nights or more over the weekend and we found it really difficult to get a  (decent) place for the weekend we needed, and to be completely honest, Hostelle was a bit of a last resort.

But, apart for the slightly suburban location (arriving late at night is not advised!) it was clean enough, safe, friendly and very, very girlie. And seeing as we were pretty exhausted after our night on the bus/ferry, we welcomed a quiet night!

The sights:

Stand by for pics of canals, tulips, Europe’s best caramel cappuccino and more canals.

Nutella Recipes and cookery book
Possibly the best cookery book of all time…
Dam Square Amsterdam - Nicole Canning
Little demonstration on Dam Square
Renting pedal boats on the canals of Amsterdam
I was skipper for the afternoon…
Caramel Cappuccinos from Coffee Company Amsterdam
The best caramel cappuccino I’ve ever had
CLog in Amsterdam - Nicole Canning
Get your clogs!
Canals in Amsterdam - Nicole Canning
Oh look, more canals!
Canals in Amsterdam - Nicole Canning
Oh, and some more…
...and some more.
…and some more.
The Tulip Museum Amsterdam
Pretty flowers at the Tulip Museum
Horse and cart Amsterdam - Nicole Canning
Forget bikes, this is the best transport!

If you’re to do only one thing…

Rent a pedalo on the canals!  We honestly had so much fun trying to negotiate the pedal boat on the canal, dodging the tourist boats, crashing into boat homes and laughing til our stomachs hurt!

If you’ve been to Amsterdam, what were your best memories of it and what should we add to our must-see list? Pop it in the comments! 

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