Blogging-on-the-go: DSLR v Camera Phone

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Connects came to us with a challenge.

As bloggers, Sarah and I are always taking photos, whether they’re of beautiful landscapes, an exciting meal we had for lunch, or the view from our seat on the plane, we take hundreds of photos every week. And most of them are on our phones.

Both Sarah and I use iPhones, and we both have Nikon DSLR cameras, but sometimes carrying around a bulky camera to work, or events isn’t ideal. So our on-the-go snaps are usually taken on our phones and used for Instagram, Twitter or sometimes even the blog.

What Connects wanted us to explore was whether the Nokia Lumia 930 camera could compete with the DSLR for quality shots. Would they be good enough to use on the blog, would they really capture the same amount of detail as the Nikon? We eager to find out.

So on a gloriously sunny morning, I took both my Nikon D90 and the Nokia Lumia 930 out for a test drive! To keep everything constant for the shots, I used ‘auto’ mode of the Nikon, I didn’t want it to have an unfair advantage just because I know about apertures and shutter speeds. This is was point-and-shoot task and that’s exactly what I did! None of the images have been edited or altered in any way, this is exactly how they were taken that morning.

London Borough Market DSLR and Lumia Comparison London Millennium Bridge DSLR and Nokia Lumia comparison London Shakespear Globe DSLR and Nokia Lumia Comparison London Southbank DSLR and Nokia Lumia Comparison London Tower Bridge DSLR and Nokia Lumia Comparison The London Shard DSLR and Nokia Lumia comparison

And I was pleasantly surprised!

The Nokia Lumia 930 has a 20.0MP camera, a sensor size of 1/2.5 inch and f-number/aperture of f/2.4. So without zoom, it picks up a lot of detail. But once I did zoom in, I found there was a lot of noise in the background and definitely too much blurring to use for a blog post.

For tones and colours, I think the Nokia performed well. It favoured a golden or orange cast more than the blues – you can see some of the sky gets bleached out in comparison to the Nikon, but nothing too serious.

All in all, I think for blogging-on-the-go and taking spontaneous shots, the Nokia Lumia held its own. It’s sharp, easy to use and delivered great, quality snaps!

Although I’m not quite ready to give up my Nikon D90 for good, I think I’ll be a little more trusting in phone camera snaps from now on!

What do you use to capture photos for your blog? We’d love to hear how you’ve found other cameras or phones for quality on-the-go blogging and photography! 

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