Sunday Spa: Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa Covent Garden Review

I have realised there are two types of relaxation: the normal ‘watching TV with facemask’ kind, and the Thai Square Spa relaxation experience – the latter being a utopia of inner relaxation and deepest calm.

Try not to let your tummy rumble as you walk into the Thai Square doors in Covent Garden, London. Reception is on the same floor as the centre’s food court. I was tempted to ditch the facial and opt for a scrumptious Thai green curry instead, but luckily, I was quickly seen to and guided downstairs to a mystical, Oriental-themed paradise.

Thai Square Spa Covent Garden Review

My shoes  were taken from me and I was provided with flip-flops to enter t

e spa. My therapist, the lovely Ja, showed me to the changing rooms where there was a white, fluffy robe waiting for me in my locker.

The soaps and lotions in the bathroom were the spa brand Erb and I couldn’t resist massaging the lotion deep into my hands to restore some moisture, but I need not have bothered. My facial appointment turned into an all-over-body treatment.

I was invited to have a foot soak and massage while I sipped a herbal tea and settled into the calm around me. There was gentle Thai music and a trickling waterfall in the background and Ja chatted to me about my day and what the benefits of my chosen facial would be.

The Erb’s Seven Pollen facial used a secret blend of seven Thai flowers, an infusion of aromas and textures that promised to cleanse, balance and restore a healthy glow to my skin.

Starting with deep cleansing, Ja used traditional Thai massage technique to open my pores and remove my makeup and the dirt that had built up. Already, I was deep in relaxation mode.

Thai Square Spa Covent Garden Review

Using pressure-point massage on my face, shoulders and neck, I could feel my body begin to relax and settle into the thick mattress. It was heavenly.

A light facemask was applied to my face and décolletage and while that was left to do its work, my shoulders, arms and hands were deeply massaged and nourished with more of Erb’s Seven Pollen oils.

Some light facial exfoliation later and my skin felt better already.

The treatment ended with a deep head and scalp massage which seemed to invigorate and energise me after being in a near-comatose relaxed state for the past hour.

Afterwards, I was treated to anther green tea and a tour of the spa. Quaint and cosy, I didn’t feel at all exposed while floating around in a robe. The spa was snug but perfectly formed.

There are seven treatment rooms in total, which means you will only ever be sharing the whole spa with a maximum of eight people.

One room is set up for two, with manicure and pedicure chairs for a girlie treat or a ‘his and hers’ day out. Another is specially designed with a larger bed suited for deep-tissue massages for athletes and those with sports injuries.

After I got dressed, I had a sneaky inspection of my skin in the mirror. No matter how close I got to the glass, my once huge pores had vanished. My skin was definitely smoother and red patches left by nasty blemishes were certainly subdued. I was indeed looking fresh and glowing.

Erb Seven Pollen Facial: £85 for one-hour treatment. All treatments include a complementary refreshment and traditional Thai foot wash and massage.

Nikki was a guest of Thai Square Spa.

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