Sunday Spa: The Spell at Lush Spa

Lush Spa Chelsea Review

I was a little wary of going for a foot massage at Lush’s King’s Road Spa. Firstly, because I am quite ticklish and I had this almost overwhelming fear that I would kick the lovely Lush therapist mid-massage.

The second is related to some ideologies buried deep from my school days. A religious story about God washing feet, (symbolising the highest of compliments, I’m sure) and my seven-year-old rationale of ‘can’t you wash your own feet?’ has never really been shaken off.

However, I’m glad to say I suppressed my inner inhibitions and trotted down to Lush’s only London Spa.

Beginning with a chat and cuppa at the Spa’s country kitchen table below the shop floor, my therapist Sophie talked me through the treatment.

Based on a traditional foot massage that works on your whole body, Lush believes that if there is a worry in your life, it will prevent you from ‘moving forward’. For that reason, the treatment begins with you physically watching your worries go up in smoke.

Writing with a quill and ink on paper, your ‘trouble’ is placed in a copper pot and set alight. This is the beginning of letting go of your troubles and starting your Lush journey.

The Lush team have specifically formulated and designed The Spell treatment to not only pamper and treat your tootsies, but to energise and revitalise your inner-being too.

Starting in a therapeutic soak with Volcanic, a spa exclusive bath ballistic, my feet were scrubbed with the zesty Stepping Stone Pumice. After that, it’s a perfect head to toe massage!

While my feet were being gently warmed by the healing clay and pumice Volcano foot mask – under layers of fluffy towels – I was treated to a head scalp and shoulder massage; not forgetting the soothing hot stones that were placed behind my shoulder blades and on my stomach. I could literally feel the stress of the day melting way.

One of the things that makes the Lush spa experience so mystical is the soundtrack. A blend of gentle guitar rhythms, soft vocals and delicate sounds of everyday life, the composition of The Spell is designed to take you on a journey; to let your mind travel and to help you move forward and achieve something.

After a deep foot massage and gentle reflexology, I was brought back to life by a refreshing cup of lemon and ginger tea.

Leaving on the bright weekday evening with the flurry of commuters, my steps were lighter, my mood was brighter and I managed not to kick dear Sophie. All round, a wonderfully magical success!

The Spell (£55 for 60 minutes) is available in Lush Spas nationwide. Visit to find your nearest spa.

Nikki was a guest of Lush. Post originally posted on 

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