Miss Katie Cupcake, Edinburgh

Whilst wandering up the winding, cobbled Cockburn Street in Edinburgh recently, I came across a treasure-trove of a shop – Miss Katie Cupcake.

Being a big of a magpie for all things pretty, I was immediately drawn to the little boutique, owned by artist and designer Katie.

Every single inch of space is covered with adorable knick knacks, quirky handmade jewellery and vintage-inspired ornaments, from earrings made out of vintage tea cups to tapestry purses.

I was absolutely in my element. I simply had to buy something!

After a fair bit of umming and ahhing – and resisting the urge to form a small mountain of gorgeous goods by the till – I settled on a vintage handmade stamp pendant, made from an old Wind and the Willows stamp (see below!).

It’s fair to say, next time I’m back up that neck of the woods again, I’m definitely bringing a bigger bag…




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