Discovering Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sunrise of Angkor Wat December - Nicole Canning

Visiting Angkor Wat Cambodia was a highlight of my month-long adventure around SE Asia. And it’s now hard to think about Cambodia’s beautiful landscape without picturing the stunning setting of Angkor Wat.

Probably one of the most recognised and important archaeological sites of South-East Asia, the Angkor Archaeological Park was given a UNESCO World Heritage Centre title in 1992.  The whole park itself stretches over 400 square kilometers, and includes the remains of different temples of the Khmer Empire, ranging backing to the 9th Century. A must-see if you’re travelling in the Indochina circuit!

The most iconic temple is of course Angkor Wat, and scores of tourists arrive every morning to watch dawn rise over the five peaks. But there’s also beautiful Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm – which has been made famous by the stunning scenes in Tomb Raider, and Bayon Temple, also known as the Temple of Smiling Buddhas!

One of my first days in Cambodia was spend from dawn to dusk exploring this beautiful site. I have a separate post on my tips for visiting Angkor Wat, but for now…here’s some of my favourite photos from the day!

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